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\textbf{\Large Tai Tran}  & 587--938--8658\\
\#12025--105 Street Northwest & \\
Edmonton, AB T5G 2N6 &\\


\resheading{Summary of Qualifications}
    \resitem{Dealing with people, problems, and situations honestly}
    \resitem{Ability to work alone or as part of a team}
    \resitem{Quickly solve problems when arising}
    \resitem{Handle things in a well-organized manner}

	\ressubheading{Macewan University}{Edmonton, AB}{B.Sc., Computer Science }{Jan. 2015 --- 2019}
		%\resitem{Relevant courses: Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Modelling, Digital VLSI Design, Amorphous Silicon, Mixed-signal modelling with VHDL-AMS}
	\ressubheading{University of Science}{HoChiMinh, Vietnam}{B.Sc., Information Technology}{2009 --- 2011}
	\ressubheading{University of Science}{HoChiMinh, Vietnam}{Diploma of Information Technology}{2006 --- 2009}

\resheading{Work Experience}
	\ressubheading{TMA Solution}{HoChiMinh, Vietnam}{Senior Java Software Engineer}{Oct. 2012 --- Oct. 2014}
		\resitem{Lead a team of 5 people}
		\resitem{Delegate tasks to other team members}
		%\resitem{Analyze technical specifications and implement new features}
		%\resitem{Refactor and optimize performance for legacy framwork}

	\ressubheading{TMA Solution}{HoChiMinh, Vietnam}{Java Software Engineer}{Oct. 2009 --- Oct. 2012}
		%\resitem{Implement non-native various commands for TL1 protocol}
		%\resitem{Perform performance testing with heavy load of TL1 requests}
		\resitem{Identify failures in software application and fix it}
		\resitem{Report technical issues and suggest solutions to technical leader}

\begin{comment} % School Projects
\resheading{School Projects}
	\ressubheading{SpectraVu Medical}{Vancouver, BC}{Engineering Physics Project Lab, APSC 479}{Sep. 2001 - Apr. 2002}
		\resitem{Designed and implemented a digital video processing system for lung cancer imaging}
		\resitem{Selected components (video DAC, ADC) and created schematics in OrCAD.}

\begin{comment} %Awards
		Faculty of Engineering Scholarship (\$2,300) & 2002\\
		Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) (\$15,000) & 2002-2003\\

\begin{comment} % Skills
C/C++, \LaTeX, Java, SPICE, MEDICI (TCAD), VHDL/VHDL-AMS, 68000 and PIC Assembly
\item[Operating Systems:]
Linux (Debian), Solaris, UNIX, MacOS X, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Mathematica, MatLab, GNU Octave, LabVIEW, Cadence, \LaTeX, OpenOffice, MS Office XP, OrCAD schematic capture \& PCB layout, Altera MAX+PlusII VHDL FPGA Design
\item[Lab Skils:]
Digital/Analog Scopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Function Generators
\item[Fab Skills:]
PECVD and sputtering deposition, UV lithography, wet etch, dry etch (RIE), mask aligner, step profiler, ellipsometry, infrared spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction
software configuration management, strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills, exceptional problem solving skills, good teams skills

	\ressubheading{Students' Association of Macewan University}{Edmonton, AB}{Assistant Coordinator}{Jan. 2014 --- April. 2014}
		\resitem{Help set up and take down various events in Alberta College Campus}

\item Playing basketball, table tennis, and swimming
%\item[Sports:] Playing basketball and swimming
%\item[Computers:] Enjoy using and learning Linux systems, writing shell scripts to faciliate technical workflow
%\item[Musical:] Playing basic guitar
%\item[Membership:] Open source member of Github since 2012